⛑️Our Roles


To support and guide both integration and implementation practices at school, AISB has employed an IT Manager and a Digital Learning Coordinator, who work in unison to accomplish our vision and mission, under the guidance of the school director.

Digital Learning Coaches, and Digital Learning Specialist

Partnering with teachers and the leadership team, our Coaches assist the faculty in their use of technology for assessing student learning, personalizing instruction, and providing relevant and engaging learning experiences for students.

Working alongside the Digital Learning Coordinator, the Coaching Team conducts needs assessments, develops technology-related professional learning programs, and evaluates the impact on instructional practice and student learning. They also work closely with the IB Curriculum Coordinators to ensure that technology is integrated effectively into the curriculum.

Network Manager, Information Security Officer, and IT Support Staff

Striving to ensure a robust technology infrastructure for all, our Technical Team works alongside the IT Manager to oversee network needs, monitor and respond quickly and effectively to requests received through the IT helpdesk, provide technical assistance and support for incoming queries and issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware, etc.

Technology Leads

The department also counts on the support and guidance of our Technology Leads. These teacher-leaders meet on a monthly basis to collaborate and serve as liaisons between their grade-level and Digital Learning teams.

This collaboration provides direction and valuable feedback about our program, helping to ensure the integration of digital literacy and digital citizenship across the curriculum.

Student Leaders

Across the school, we have the privilege of working with the PYP β€œTech Mentors” and the Secondary β€œMicrobats.” During the academic year, these student-leaders voluntarily attend meetings with the Digital Learning Coaches where they have opportunities to develop leadership skills, while sharing their love of technology and learning with the wider community through special projects and events.

Parent and Staff Support

Our commitment to technology literacy is not limited to the classroom. We believe that technology should be used to enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement across the school community. To that end, we have created a range of resources and programs to support our parents, guardians, and staff.

Through out school-wide publications, the Digital Learning Team provides articles and resources to help parents understand how technology is being used in the classroom, and how they can support their child's learning at home.

We also provide online resources and tutorials to help our staff use technology effectively and efficiently in their work.

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