🛠️Our Software

AISB uses a wide range of tools and systems to deliver instruction, engage with our student and parent body, and execute the usual tasks pertaining to an educational institution.

EU GDPR Compliant

Software at AISB is vetted and approved by our Data Protection Officer, Catalin Nicoara, and must adhere to our GDPR policy.

🔗Here is the most up-to-date list of approved software in use at AISB (available for internal members only).

AISB Employees are also expected to take a course on cybersecurity and GDPR. This is, alas, mandatory, and it allows everyone to be on the same page regarding these essential regulations.

A few of the most widely used platforms:

G Suite for Education - Our Productivity Tool

Used by all faculty and staff. All curricular documentation is presently stored in our Shared Drives

Google Tools are available for grades 3 to 12 students, and Google Classroom is the LMS in use for G3-12 classes.

ManageBac - Secondary's SY 23-24 Learning Management System

ManageBac is where Secondary Teachers post grading and reporting updates. In conjunction with Google Classroom, it serves as a Learning Management System

Toddle - For SY 24 and beyond

Secondary school is in the process of moving to Toddle for the 24/25 School Year. Teachers will start using the planning module of Toddle during the second semester of SY 23/24 and receive training on the other features for its full roll-out in the new year.

Veracross: Our Student Information System

Veracross is where we store all administrative data related to students, faculty, and parents.

For the most part, teachers:

  • Take attendance

  • Book rooms

  • Find schedules

  • Access and enter academic and behavioral data about students

  • See student demographics, academic alerts, medical info, etc.


  • See schedules, attendance data, report cards, conference notes, MAP results, and other assessment data available to them

  • See current and future school-organized events

  • Schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Sign-up for Co-Curricular Activities

Secondary Students

  • See their schedule and find information about their classes

  • Sign-up for Co-Curricular Activities

  • See a daily calendar of events

Seesaw - ELC and ES's Current Learning Journal

Used as a learning journal by all classes in the Early Learning Centre and Elementary sections of the school (EC2 to G5).

Google Sites - Static Information Hub for Parents in the ELC and ES

EC2 to G5 classes have dedicated Google Sites where general information is posted for the external community. This is a rather static hub, since announcements and other reminders are sent via Seesaw.

Peripheral, Licensed Tools in Use at AISB

Screencastify: AISB has a number of licenses currently used by students and teachers.

Padlet is used by all faculty. AISB has a premium subscription to Padlet. Log in here (use school email and "forgot password" to reset it).

Zoom: Used by all faculty, staff, and students to support online communication and participation with collaboration and participating in events and learning opportunities.

Edpuzzle is used mainly by Secondary teachers, but all faculty has access to the premium subscription. To sign up, go here.

Book Creator: Used by grades 1 and 2 as an iPad application, and Grades 3, 4, 5 with a premium license for teachers.

iPad Applications

iPads are available in the ELC as a shared set, and as a 1:1 technology device in grades 1 to 4. Grade 5 students can access a shared set of iPads alongside their own Macbooks.

The App Store is locked for teachers and students, but apps are loaded into the devices by our Help Desk Team after a consultation with the Digital Learning Coaches.

Adobe Creative Cloud

All students in grades 6 to 12 have access to the Creative Cloud. They use these apps in their core Design classes, but have unlimited access to it while they are with us at AISB.

Design, Art, and Music teachers have access to these licenses as well. Other teachers may be able to utilize the service, too, if available and after they have been allocated to these core users.

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