Artificial Intelligence

Over the past semester, our team has gathered resources and shared advice on how to use artificial intelligence tools via our Tech Bytes newsletter. Here is a compilation of such resources.

Tools Approved for School Use

The following tools have been approved by our GDPR Officer.

⚠️ Please notice that column regarding who can use it.

Video Tutorials

Perplexity AI

In this video, we focus on practical classroom uses of Perplexity, with examples of how students can incorporate this tool into their digital repertoire to improve their information literacy skills.

Secondary Teachers: Turn-it-in + ManageBac

Learn about how to use ManageBac and Turn-it-in to detect AI-generated text, as well as best practices to enable student self-regulation and adherence to our Academic Honesty policy.

AI resources collection

Training Resources for Teachers

Here are some training suggestions for teachers wanting to develop their AI Literacy skills:

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